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Book Publishing Party for Kaneko Kenji
New Release: "The Figurative Thought on Modern Pottery"
Below review written by Kurokawa Takashi (translated by Nishi Keiko)

New Book by Kaneko Kenji

The Figurative Thought on Modern Pottery, a collection of critical essays on pottery by Kaneko Kenji, the head of the craft art department at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, was released by Abe Shuppan on December 1, 2001.

Kaneko Kenji

This is an exceptional book (56 sections, 550 pages) covering the pioneers of modern pottery -- Itaya Hazan, Tomimoto Kenkichi, others -- as well as living contemporary potters. Kaneko's writings have appeared in many different media, from the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art bulletin to Tosetsu, Honoho Geijutsu, Nagomi, and exhibition pamphlets for galleries.

A party was held on December 1, 2001 in Hitotsubashi to celebrate the publishing of his new book. Some 40-plus people hosted the event, including living national treasures, well-known writers, and researchers. About 400 people, including potters, art dealers, publishers, and researchers, gathered at the party. All in all, it was a clear demonstration of the influence and stature enjoyed by Mr. Kaneko.   

Party Attendance

Robert Yellin was in attendance
Yellin at the Event

One attendee, Mr. Inui Yoshiaki, president of the Kanazawa Art and Craft College, had this to say: "Mr. Kaneko's critical essays are so long and difficult that even I have to read them over and over again in order to fully understand. I hope he will try to write easier sentences for those of us who want to understand better." Everyone must have had the same thought. There was a wave of laughter when he said that.

Mr. Kaneko, in his speech, talked a bit about his joys and hard luck while writing his first book, "The Figurative Thought on Kumakura Junkichi." He ended his speech by saying: "I will try harder not to be criticized for writings that are late, long, and difficult."

Book Title: The Figurative Thought on Modern Pottery
This is the first collection of Kaneko Kenji's critical essays, and includes some 50 edited articles selected from his 20-year career as a critical writer on Japanese pottery. The book is in the Japanese language.

Extract of Book Contents

  • Theory of Modern Pottery/Craft Art
  • Compendium of Modern Pottery
  • Cognition of Utsuwa: Modernism -- History and Deception
  • The Key for Contemporary Pottery
  • Itaya Hazan and Tomimoto Kenkichi
  • Expressions on Porcelain
  • Cognition from Dirt to Pottery
  • Pottery of Japonism
  • William Morris and Studio Craft
  • Theory of Potters
  • Other articles

Book Details

  • Hardcover A5 (210 x 148mm)
  • Color Drawings/Images: 8 pages
  • Text: 550 pages;
  • Price 6,090 Yen (5,800 Yen + Tax)

Click here for
another story
 on Kaneko Kenji



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