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Videos on Pottery



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These videos were produced by NHK Television as part of their weekly pottery program Yakimono Tambo. Each is approximately 30 minutes in length and showcases the potters at work, with interviews and displays of the potters and their pieces.

Japanese language only.
Although not shown below, other potter videos are also available for artist Shugo Takauchi, Imaemon Imaizumi, Yu Fujiwara, Shimbei Sakakura, Taroemon Nakazato, and Takashi Nakazato.

video cover

video cover

video cover

No.1 Tokuda Yasokichi

No.2 Koie Ryoji

No.3 Kato Takuo

video cover

video cover


No.4 Raku Kichizaemon

No.5 Tsuji Seimei


The two videos shown below were produced by Shogakkan. They highlight the works and styles of Ryoji Koie and Takashi Nakazato. Each is 50 minutes in length and is $38 plus postage. In Japanese only.

video cover

video cover


No.6 Koie Ryoji

No.7 Nakazato Takashi



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