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We do not and will not share your information with other companies or individuals, and we promise to protect the privacy of the information you supply us.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your ceramic purchase, it can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping charges back to Japan). This policy is good for ten days after receipt of the work.

This site provides links to other quality sites and stores. However, e-yakimono cannot be held responsible for any troubles that might arise in your dealings with these sites.

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Who We Are

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Japanese Ceramics
Learning Center
and eStore is devoted to bringing people everywhere the best in traditional and modern Japanese ceramics. Our goal is to give you the best on both an educational level and ecommerce level. Our alliance is composed of the following two parts:

  1. Pottery Knowledge Center (English; this site)
  2. The Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery
    Online Pottery eGallery & eStore
    Japanese Antique Dealer's License: #491040228600 (English)

About Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin
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Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin

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of the Gallery

Robert Yellin hosts both this site (, its sister eStore (, and the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery in Mishima City (Japan). Robert has been a resident of Japan since 1984. He writes a monthly column on Japanese ceramics in the Japan Times, the largest English newspaper in Japan. He also writes for Daruma magazine, and was a former columnist for Honoho Geijutsu, a leading quarterly devoted to contemporary Japanese ceramics. He is also the author of Yakimono Sanka published by Kogei Shuppan, a book (in Japanese) about sake utensils that was recommended by the Japanese Library Association for inclusion into all public libraries.

Stories by Robert have also appeared in WINDS magazine and in Ceramics Art and Perception. Robert is a member of the Japan Ceramics Society (Nihon Toji Kyokai) and his articles have appeared in its monthly publication Tohsetsu.

Robert is available to give lectures and lead tours dealing with Japanese ceramics. Serious inquiries only please, and only for wares made for the domestic market. Robert does not appraise export wares or wares stamped Japan et al.

He is likewise available to approach various potters to request commissioned work on your behalf.

The site you are now viewing ( is no longer updated on a regular basis. For regular updates, please visit and bookmark
Yellin's Blog. In addition, Yellin's eGallery at offers hundreds of pieces for online purchase -- the store pages are also updated frequently.

Exhibition previews and assorted news items are also sent periodically to those who have signed the
Web Gallery Guest Book.

About the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery

Robert Yellin

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for photos
of the Gallery (the site you are now viewing) was created by Robert Yellin. It is the first-ever knowledge center devoted solely to information about antique and contemporary Japanese pottery. In collaboration with (the online pottery store), we offer you the chance to explore the world of Japanese pottery in the English language. Our database, in both English and Japanese flavors, is the most extensive online knowledge center anywhere. And our store, also run by Yellin, offers some of Japan's finest ceramics.

Yakimono means 'fired thing' in Japanese and we wish to make this word known the world over. Enjoy your visit -- learn about  Japanese potters, events, exhibitions, search our glossary and museum guide, find videos on Japanese pottery, and discover much much more about Japanese pottery. We update frequently! 

About Our eStore


Trocedaro provides secure ecommerce and storefront software. A leading ecommerce provider in the  USA, Trocedaro was named for the Portugese explorers and traders of the 15th through 17th centuries. Trocadero means "place of trade." It is a word with meaning in many cultures. In France, it is the namesake of the primary buildings of the 1878 and 1937 Expositions in Paris -- both still stand today. The last "trocadero" (Macau) was restored to China by Portugal on the 20th of December, 1999. Yellin's Japanese Antique Dealer's License Number is 491040228600.

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