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Joan Mirviss
Collector & Curator



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Oct. 2003

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Brief Bio of Joan Mirviss

by Robert Yellin
for The Japan Times
 April 8, 2000

Many people around the world love Japanese art and especially in New York City. The Big Apple just finished off its Asian Week (Spring 2000), when dealers and collectors around the world converged to trade, sell, discuss and share their passions.

One passionate dealer for over 25 years is Joan Mirviss. Mirviss has been educating discerning American collectors and museum curators on the finer points of Japanese ceramics for longer than most anyone I've ever met. Not only has she placed fine ceramics in private homes, she has given many museums their first touch of fine contemporary Japanese pottery.

In addition, Mirviss is a writer and scholar of Japanese scrolls, prints, surimono and screens. Her base is in New York, but she's been residing in Tokyo for the last year and a half; she plans to return to N.Y.C. sometime later next year. 

A private showing of some of her favorite potters will be held April 22-23, 2000, and an opening party will be held April 22, starting at 5 p.m., with yours truly giving a brief talk on the potters' works and histories. Some works to be shown are from the hands of Hagi's Kaneta Masanao, the very popular Tsujimura Shrio and Furutani Michio, Mino's Yoshida Yoshihiko, and Bizen's Nakamura Makoto and Mori Togaku, among others. 

The evening is by reservation only and that can be done by contacting either Mirviss or me. Her web site can be viewed at    

The Japan Times: Apr. 8, 2000
(C) All  rights reserved

Click here for an interview
with Joan Mirviss (Oct. 2003)



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