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Yellin's gallery
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the kilns of Japan's
finest potters


Sugimoto Sadamitsu
SUGIMOTO Sadamitsu

Sugimoto Sadamitsu



Born in Tokyo


Built an anagama kiln in Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture


Became a disciple of Zen monk TACHIBANA Daikiro
Began his research and development of Shigaraki ware


Began his research and development of Iga tea bowls


Began his research and development of Chojiro and Koetsu Raku tea bowls

Work by Sugimoto SadamitsuWork by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Features of His Work
SUGIMOTO's pottery is infused with the power of spirit. Over the years his Zen discipline has enhanced his ability to create clay works with his spiritual power. One can recognize how the natural texture of his woodfired wares makes food look better and flowers appear fresher. His teabowls bring out the deep taste of whipped powdered green tea(matcha). The more one uses SUGIMOTO's ware in everyday of life, the more pleasure one experiences.

Iga and Shigaraki wares, both traditionally unglazed, are usually fired in wood burning kilns. The wood ash that swirls about in the kiln combines with the feldspar in the clay and vitrifies, producing a natural glaze. A long firing is necessary to accumulate enough ash and to raise the temperature sufficiently to achieve this effect. Pots are often refired when this effect is sought.

Iga and Shigaraki wares have a quiet power and bring the grand traditions of these ancient kilns into the present.

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu

Work by Sugimoto Sadamitsu


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