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Ichizo Mori
MORI Ichizo

Mori Ichizo



Born in Kuwana, Mie prefecture


Built a Noborigama(climbing chamber kiln)


Apprenticed to HINENO Sakuzo and FUJISAWA Noboru
Ceramic Artists


Selected for NCECA Exhibition in the US


Selected for NCECA Exhibition in the US
Prize, Asahi Ceramic Exhibition YAGI Kazuo
Prize, Modern Ceramic Exhibition
Prize, Chunichi International Pottery Exhibition
Prize, Japan Ceramics Exhibition
Prize, Tokoname CHOUZO Exhibition
Prize, Mie Art Exhibition


Prize, Faenza International Pottery Exhibition
Selected for NCECA Exhibition in the US

Work by Mori Ichizo

Work by Mori Ichizo

Features of His Work

The study of painting at art school has influenced MORI's works. He especially focuses on traditional AKAE as well as Modern AKAE. AKAE is polychrome overglazed painting whose main tone is usually red. This style of overglaze painting was introduced to Japan directly from China. Other ceramics, such as NINSEI style pottery and Imari, Kakiemon, Nabeshima and Kutani porcelains, are well known for the same kind of decoration. MORI uses several wheels depending on the characteristic he wishes to get on his works. He maintains a well organized work place that expresses spirituality and his appreciation toward his creative works.

Work by Mori IchizoWork by Mori Ichizo


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