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Robert Froese
Canadian Potter



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Brief Bio of Robert Froese
by Robert Yellin
 for The Japan Times, July 24, 1999

Canadian potter Robert Froese will be at Kuroda Toen (03) 3499-3225 in Shibuya until July 28, 1999. Froese works out of western Shizuoka Prefecture, where he's been potting for about 10 years. Aspiring gaijin (foreign) potters might find it a good idea to stop by and talk to Froese about his experiences, or, better yet, buy a piece.

Froese will be showing some new designs in serving dishes using a variety of blended clays with two different ash glazes and other glazes that he's developed recently. The show will include platters, serving bowls, cups and plates inspired by the wonderful Japanese way of eating that includes the dishes among the treats on the table! About 200 pieces altogether. Shibuya Kuroda Toen is a short walk from JR Shibuya Station on the first floor of the Metro Plaza on Meiji Dori.

by Robert Yellin for:
The Japan Times: July 24, 1999
(C) All  rights reserved


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