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Japan Ceramic Society Awards
44th Annual Exhibition, Jan. 2003



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JCS Photo Tour - 2003

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All photos by
Robert Yellin

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Japan Ceramic Society (Nihon Toji Kyokai)
Location: Wako Hall in Ginza (Tokyo)
Theme: Kazaru (To Decorate)
Date: Jan. 2003
Overview:  44th Annual Exhibition. Featuring some 130 works, all for sale, by 48 ceramic artists. These potters are from across Japan and include 10
Living National Treasures. The styles on show were no less diverse. See below photos, and if you want more, click here to see 25 other pieces from the exhibit.

Window Display for 44th Annual Japan Ceramic Society Awards ExhibitionAwards. We all love them, whether they are for movies, music, or for sports personalities. The art world here in Japan is no different, and there are many awards to honor those who have excelled in their respective art forms.

The world of ceramic art boasts quite a few honors. One of them is the Japan Ceramic Society Prize, first handed out in 1954. Each January a broad overview of work by some of the past winners is displayed at Wako, Ginza, and this year marked the 44th exhibition.

Scene inside JCS Exhibition Space
 Scene inside exhibition hall

The theme of this year's display was kazaru, "to decorate." Top of my list in this exhibit (photos shown immediately below) was a powerful black form by Akiyama Yo of Kyoto, Yagi Akira's small porcelain jars, a splendid neriage koro by Ito Sekisui and Kakurezaki Ryuichi's angled vase. Also on display was an interesting torso form by Tokoname Living National Treasure Yamada Jozan and Suzuki Goro's fabulous yashichida Oribe guinomi that were not that heavy at all! This was quite a shock for only months before I was ragging on about the weight of Suzuki's work -- wonder if he had a read? 

Click image to see larger full-version photo. 

Piece by Akiyama Yo of Kyoto

Powerful black form by
Akiyama Yo of Kyoto

Small Porcelain Jars by yagi Akira

Small Porcelain Jars
by Yagi Akira

Neriage Koro by Ito Sekisui

Wonderful Neriage Koro
Ito Sekisui

Angled Vase by Kakurezaki Ryuichi

Angled Vase
Kakurezaki Ryuichi

Torso Form by Yamada Jozan

Interesting torso form
by Living National Treasure
Yamada Jozan

Yashichida Oribe Guinomi by Suzuki Goro

Yashichida Oribe Guinomi
Suzuki Goro

This year's exhibition was a bit of a disappointment though, quite possibly due to a lack of planning or simply reflecting the mood of the nation. Many works were flat, dull, and uninspired. Possibly a "just going through the motions" way -- in any case, works by Imai Masayuki, Shimizu Uichi, Araki Takako -- we've all seen before -- and Takenaka Ko's attempt at cutesy wall paintings came off as Hello-Kitty-like material. Ohi Chozaemon's wall hanging was much better with its driftwood frame and fiery ame-yu glaze. See below photos. Click any image to see a larger version.

Vase by Imai Masayuki

Vase by
Imai Masayuki

Vase by Shimizu Uichi

Vase by
Shimizu Uichi

Bibles by Araki Takako

Bibles by
Araki Takako

Pictures by Takenaka Ko

Pictures by
Takenaka Ko

Wall Picture by Ohi Chozaemon

Wall picture
Ohi Chozaemon

JCS 2003 - Extra Photo Tour !

For an inside look at 25 more
pieces from this exhibition,
click here.
Let's hope that next year's exhibition offers up some more inspired works.


Kaneta Masanao Exhibition
Kaneta Masanao (1953 - ) is one potter who has not won the JCS award but who indeed deserves it. An eighth-generation Hagi potter, Kaneta's exhibition was at Mitsukoshi Department Store the same time as the JCS's exhibition.
Click here to learn more and view 15 of Kaneta's pieces.

Work by Kaneta Masanao. Click here for photo tour.
 Work by Kaneta

For much more, please visit the
PHOTO TOURS page. It includes links to other wonderful photo tours, including prior Japan Ceramic Society events, Living National Treasures, Contemporary Artists, How the Japanese Rank Their Potters, plus other visual resources.

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