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Akira Ishihara (Porcelain)



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Brief Bio of Akira Ishira

by Robert Yellin
 for The Japan Times

Ishira Akira's porcelain jars, pitchers and covered boxes often depict scenes from nature in the form of birds, most often happily perched on branches. They are very true to life and almost too perfect; I guess a compliment for Ishira's flawless technique. He learned it at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music under the tutelage of the late porcelain master and Living National Treasure Yoshimichi Fujimoto.

Ishira graduated in 1965 and worked for a short time at the Umano Porcelain factory in Tobe, Ehime Prefecture, before opening his own kiln in 1969 in Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

He makes nice use of kaki (persimmon) colored glazes on many of the pieces where he has a roundel acting as a canvas for his fanciful feathered friends. Some other pieces have a light shinsha (copper red) glaze or sometsuke (cobalt blue) floral designs which are very reminiscent of Yi Dynasty Korean pots. At a recent auction in New York City an Ishira rectangular plate sold for $1,840.

The Japan Times: July 22, 2000
(C) All rights reserved


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